Am I really ready for it?

9 Jan

I now feel so doubtful when I had my mind remember everything I did in my previous life.  I haven’t done anything. I think I got to get more time to fix it. But it is too late. In next 3 weeks I start my new life with someone beside me along my life. I will not be able to go somewhere by myself anymore. I could not be an arrogant person as I did to myself before.

I was an arrogant (in my very subjective opinion) and because of that I didn’t have many friends. Yes I have friends, good friends, yet most of them are male.

Back then I realize that somehow I need someone to avoid me from being unstable character. He is the one who always beside me even when I feel really bad, even if I do rude action or words. He’s always there, never leave me, even I almost leave him for a reason.

He was not the perfect person. He wasn’t my ideal future husband in.   But I have to make sure that I hadn’t make wrong decision in my life.

Is he the one I really could count on? Is he the one I was dreaming of? Would he be the right husband, father from my children, and always be patient for everything I do?

Am I really ready for it?


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