How to move Jakartans out of the city?

9 Jan

It sounds weird, but it is true. I could say that I had tried to move Jakartans out of the city!

Me and my boyfriends were very confused about where our wedding will take place, in Jakarta or Indramayu (my hometown). We had gone many places in Jakarta which is possible for us to hold the wedding, Bella Rossa in Jeruk Purut, Omah Pawon in Ampera and Pasar Minggu, Omah Sendok in Senopati (Senayan street), and many other places. We’ve done with consideration that we need places with Java ethnic  architecture and the party could be held outdoor spaces.

The problem we faced was how many people we will invite? Were we going to invite all relatives, friends, and coworkers in Jakarta, Cirebon, and Indramayu? Wow, it would be more than 600 people! Considering our budget, it is impossible for us to make it. We shall find out how to deal with the problem. It would be inconvenient if we only invite relatives and close friends. It is unfair. So after a long conversation and thinking, we decided to make the wedding in Indramayu.

At first time we decided it, we were doubtful since it will be taking much time for friends to be at my wedding. FYI, it takes about 3 hours trip with bus or train from Gambir, Jakarta to Jatibarang. So they may need more than half day to attend our wedding. But, we finally did it.

Some friends ensure that they are able to come to my wedding out of the city. They had already order the rental Bigbird’s bus. And they asked me what we need as our wedding’s presents. And of course, I said “sofa!” 😀

Another goodnews had come. Other friends confirmed that they also will come to our wedding from Jakarta. It is a big, a huge presents from God that He sent it at the right time. Thanks, God!

I would like to thanks all my friends who will be there, at our wedding, who prepare it well and make it real.

See you on Sunday, January 29th 2012, pals!


FYI, here is my wedding invitation drawn by my lovely sister (Ms. Tia), designed by me (edited using , and printed by Eki (my boyfriend’s friend who has printing company). I was inspired by the album cover of my favorite humble duo, Endah and Rhesa.


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