Year of my journey with Indian Food at Ganesha

9 Jan

Year 2011 actually became my year of journey with Indian  food. I have had gone to some places in Jakarta served Indian’s food: Komala at Sarinah’s building (a family Indian restaurant with vegetarian menus), Gokul at Wijaya Music 4th floor in Passer Baroe (also Indian’s vegetarian menus), and Ganesha at BRI II Building and Kemang (south and north Indian food). I prefer Ganesha at BRI II or Kemang as my favorite places to eat that kind of food.

At first time I ate Indian food, I feel so dizzy with kind of spices they had in their food. Food is tasted good but I feel weird about the spices. It is like when you eat wasabi or local spices in tropical countries. But after more than four times I have been that restaurants, I am already used to it. It felt so good. I wanted to eat and eat it more and more. Trust me!

As end of the year, me and my future husband wanted to have lunch at Ganesha. They had buffet lunch menus for each person Rp120.000++. So, here are some pictures of it.

I had made reservation for 2 persons there. The waitress are so fine to us. At the time we came, she welcomed us well. Since the foods were served in buffet, she tried to explained us every food they served. Later, an Indian chef came to us and offered us to try lamb steak. I refused to eat since I didn’t really like lamb. So, we started with lentil mixed with veggie and potatoes grilled. Hmm… it is so yummy….:)


Yoghurt are Indian favorite! I really love it when they put yoghurt into a crunchy crepes mixed with sweet sauce and green sauce. And also, the lentil.

These crunchy crepes are really tasted goodddddd……

Black lentils with strange sauce and also tasted very good!


Another lentils with different kind of sauces but I still didn’t know it yet. I was just enjoying it.


Actually, I prefer BRI II building (8 or 9th floor) than Kemang (4th floor)


And this is me in front of the restaurant before going home! Happy new year, everyone! 2012 will be my journey with another foreign food: Middle East, Italian, or else.


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