At least I’ve tried Italian Food!

10 Jan

I almost forgot that actually I have been to Italian restaurant located in Gandaria City (a new landmark mall in south Jakarta) level bla bla bla (I’m an absent-minded, totally. Pardon)

So, as I remember, I uploaded some pictures when I ate the food there.

Its name was GioVanese. If you have credit card from certain banks, you can get special discount. I got almost half price. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is since the food priced from Rp30rb–Rp60rb and for me it is a bit expensive.

Italian food tasted salty and my tongue couldn’t help that kind of spices. I had eaten conch/snail like we used to call “keong sawah” in my hometown, but in this restaurant I tasted it not so good as I tried before.

Here you go, taco! I really love it! Thin and soft crepes combined with slices of tomatoes and other veggies. Plus, unique sauce.

I forgot what is this but I remembered, it tasted sooo goood! I think there is a bit of crunchiness from apple and fruits.


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